Sample Characters

Here is a collection of sample characters usable by your players. If you wish to get a quick start to the game, simply assign these characters to your players or allow them to pick one from the list. A variety of character types exists here, so a party made from these characters ought to be well balanced.

If you are playing the On Gossamer Wings scenario, you may wish to have a player play the character of Dr. Grant, particularily if there are a large number of players in the game. There is really no reason not to do this, though at points where Dr. Grant advances the plot, other accomodations must be made.

You will also note that the pictures here are directly poached from Space:1889 materials (with the exception of the last one). I am not much of an artist and hope the illustrators of the game can forgive me. I tried to base some of the character types on the "party" depicted in the illustrations in the module Tales from the Ether, so the characters Dr. Franklin Turquoine, Antonella Chase, and Maj. George Chalybeate might seem a little familiar.

Here is a list of characters. Enjoy!


Cyrus Grant - Inventor
Lt. Cmdr Julian Leybourne - Former Naval Officer
Dr. Franklin Turquoine - Biologist
Antonella Chase - Adventuress
Thomas Harklow - Explorer
Maj. George Chalybeate - Former Cavalry Officer
James Callaghan - Gunslinger

Cyrus Grant (Trained)

CYRUS GRANT is an inventor of some repute in the Arizona Territory. His contraptions have gained him quite a reputation among the ranchers he's helped out, the small towns he's worked for, and the awestruck onlookers who've followed his career. But no one was quite prepared to believe that he'd actually contructed a device which would allow acrobatic maneuvers close to the Lunar surface. This time he'd gone too far, and the public turned their backs on him. So when he took a group of fellow adventurers on a trip he claimed would explore the far side of the moon, there was no-one around to watch them take off.

Str:4 Fisticuffs 1, Throwing 2,
Agl:1 Mechanics 4 (machinist)
End:6 Wilderness Travel 5 (Desert)
Int:5 Observation 4, Science 4 (physics), Engineering 4 (naval architecture)
Chr:2 Eloquence 2
Soc:3 Riding 3 (horse)

     Motives: Adventuresome, Curious, Friendly.

     Appearance:Cyrus Grant is a very heavy man, over 300 pounds, and his distant, unsympathetic expression makes him unattractive at first. He wears spectacles and is balding, and his usual attire is a rumpled black suit. His distance, however, is actually shyness, and although he is not blessed with good "people skills", he is actually a very friendly man and will prove a talkative companion once the initial barrier of awkwardness is overcome.
     Grant carries a revolver when necessary.

Lt. Cmdr. Edward Julian Leybourne (Trained)

EDWARD JULIAN LEYBOURNE is a former Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy, and has served on a variety of Ether Flyers, including the H.M.S. Duke of York, which he considers to be the pinnacle of his career. Leybourne has been fascinated with the development of spacecraft since Edison's voyage when he was eight. Studying aggressively the fields of physics and astronomy, once entering Officer's training in the Royal Navy Leybourne quickly demonstrated a good knowledge of science that was necessary for him to join the Ether Service branch of the Navy. Of course, being the heir apparent to the title of 8th Earl of Chatham didn't hurt either. However, chronic health problems caused him to take his leave of the Navy, though he could still be called back to active duty.

Leybourne is a rather arrogant man, and doesn't know as much about Ether Flyers or Science as he thinks he does, though he is a resourceful and intelligent man. He will usually expect to be the leader of a scientific expedition, especially if it involves Ether Flyers. He is quite preoccupied with class and will not like having his "inferiors" talk back to him, though in the field of science he will not consider class to be an issue. He is honest to a fault, and will expect complete honesty from others. He is likewise able to remain calm and focussed in dangerous situations, and has earned commendations for his calmness under fire.


Str:2 Close Combat 1 (slashing), Fisticuffs 1, Throwing 1, Trimsman 1
Agl:4 Stealth 3, Marksman 1 (Pistol)
Int:5 Observation 5, Science 3 (physics), Gunnery 2 (BLC)
Chr:3 Eloquence 2, Linguistics 2 (French, Russian)
Soc:6 Riding 5 (horse), Piloting 2 (Ether Flyer), Leadership 2

     Motives: Arrogant, Honest, Steady.

     Appearance:Leybourne is a moderately tall, thin man, with reasonably good looks; he has neatly-trimmed sandy hair and blue eyes. He dresses impeccably and prefers to wear his navy uniform, even though he is not currently in active service.
     Leybourne typically carries a Revolver, when he travels armed, and on ceremonial occaisions will also wear a cutlass.

Dr. Franklin Turquoine (Green)

Once an ordinary medical doctor, DR. FRANKLIN TURQUOINE gradually found himself attracted more and more to the science of Palaeontology. Discarding his medical practice in his thirties, he began to seriously devote his life to the study of biology and the uncovering of evidence in the evolutionary record. He believes that a full knowledge of the process of Evolution cannot be understood without investigation of the fossil records of other planets. Without the ability to compare the process of evolution on Earth with those on other worlds, science can hardly presume to know if that which took place on Earth is the norm or the result of a series of flukes. Dr. Franklin eagerly looks forward for the opportunity to hunt for fossils on other worlds. In addition to being a respected biologist, Franklin is a competent geologist.

Dr. Franklin is a reasonably friendly man, who likes to help others and doesn't mind giving something to someone who needs it; in fact, helping others was the goal behind his study of medicine. Dr. Franklin is constantly trying to find new, more healthy diets, and if guests in his home characters will be offered drinks of green algae in brine and birchbark tea, and be fed with a feast of lamb pancreas and sea urchin. He is constantly seizing on a new idea for perfect nutrition, and is willing to ascribe to most faddish food crazes for at least a brief period.

Dr. Franklin was in Arizona to study fossils in the Grand Canyon, and from a casual acquaintance met Dr. Grant, who told him about his planned Lunar expedition. Dr. Franklin eagerly offered to join, hoping to discover if any fossil evidence exists that suggests that the Moon was once a fragment of the Earth.


Agl:6 Stealth 5, Marksmanship 4 (Rifle)
End:3 Wilderness Travel 2 (Desert),
Int:5 Observation 6, Science 5 (biology), Engineering 1 (explosives)
Chr:2 Eloquence 2, Linguistics 3 (German)
Soc:4 Riding 3 (horse), Medicine 3

     Motives: Knowledge, Generous, Eccentric

     Appearance: Franklin is a small man in his forties, who wears a conservative-looking suit and has a tidy, if somewhat worn, appearance. He has silver hair and a thick beard, and wears a pair of spectacles. He has an honest appearance that puts people at ease, though he is not much of a conversationalist and will stay out of most discussions until a topic comes up which he feels he has some expertise in.
     While travelling in the outdoors, Franklin carries a lever-action carbine.

Antonella Chase (Experienced)

ANTONELLA CHASE was the daughter of a steam fitter who grew up in a working-class district of London. This rough-and-tumble neighborhood could have permanently soured her, but instead she decided to leave this place behind. Leaving home at an early age, she became an actress and singer in the music halls of London. Her natural beauty and charm found her many gentleman admirers, and she soon realized that these men could be her ticket out of the slums.

However, being too independent to simply marry a wealthy man, Antonella used her various talents to manipulate the less intelligent of her admirers, and to also insinuate herself into the higher classes of society. She has been able to obtain a substantial education and sophistication, thanks to her ability to adapt to social situations. Antonella usually presents herself as an upper-crust arisocrat (about Social Level 5) and is perfectly convincing as such.

Since her adoption of this new identity, Antonella has travelled widely, and has gone on Safari once in Africa with one potential suitor. When the expedition went sour, Antonella found herself forced to take control of the expedition, and without her strong will and keen intellect the expedition would have surely been lost.

This incident has given Antonella new found confidence in her natural abilities, and she has decided not to waste her life in the shadow of men, and social mores be damned. While she knows to mask her activities to prevent creating any sort of scandal, nevertheless she goes where she will and does what she wants with little regard for the consequences, confident in he ability to handle whatever may come.


Str:1 Close Combat 2 (edged)
Agl:4 Stealth 3, Marksman 1 (Pistol), Crime 1 (Pickpocket)
End:3 Wilderness Travel 2 (Jungle)
Int:5 Observation 4
Chr:6 Eloquence 7, Linguistics 4 (French, Greek, Italian, Fulani), Theatrics 5,
Soc:2 Riding 1 (Horse), Leadership 2

     Motives: Adventuresome, Ambitious, Stubborn.

     Appearance: A ravishing beauty, Antonella is dressed impeccably for whatever social situation presents itself, from the latest Paris fashion to sturdy travelling clothes. She has an easy charm about her and is able to put almost anyone at ease. Likewise, she has a keen sardonic wit, and is not afraid to seem overly familiar with people she has just met. She stands about 5'6" and has blonde hair and green eyes.

     When travelling in the wilderness, Antonella typically carries a light revolver. She also usually carries a concealed knife in her boot.

Thomas Harklow (Trained)

THOMAS HARKLOW is a former Lieutenant in the Indian army. He left his family's country estate to see the world, and so naturally it seemed to him that a position in the Indian Army might be to his taste. While in the Army he gained a reputation for a steadfast fortitude, and an ability to press on when all others flagged. While winning the respect of his fellow officers and men, Thomas was less thrilled by combat so much as the opportunity to experience new cultures and environments. So, when he was offered a place in the Wheatley expedition of 1883 to discover the tomb of Roxana, who was supposedly the wife of Alexander the Great, he accepted with great eagerness.

Since that time he has been a part of many expeditions (and led a few) in Afghanistan, the Hindu Kush, and the Himalayas, as well as Persia and the mountains of Oman. His talent for languages has made him a key asset in many expeditions, and he has developed a budding proficiency in Archaeology as well. His knowledge of Asia is extensive, but he has become interested in undertaking archaeological pursuits on other worlds. Through connections in the RGS he discovered about Dr. Grant's planned expedition, and decided that it was time to set foot on another world. After some correspondence with Dr. Grant, the Doctor invited Thomas to join his expedition, an offer that Thomas accepted eagerly.



Str:2 Fisticuffs 1, Throwing 1, Close Combat 1 (polearm)
Agl:1 Marksman 2 (Rifle)
End:6 Wilderness Travel 6 (Mountains), Fieldcraft 3, Foraging 1, Swimming 1
Int:3 Observation 3, Archaeology 1
Chr:5 Eloquence 4, Linguistics 4 (Hindi, Arabic, Italian, Nepalese)
Soc:4 Riding 3 (horse), Leadership 3

     Motives: Knowledge, Cautious, Responsible.

     Appearance: Thomas Harklow is a handsome man in his early thirties; he has blond hair and green eyes, and a ready charm that puts people at ease. He typically wears a pith helmet and sturdy clothes when travelling, and when abroad he often carries affectations of the local culture, which he is able to adopt quite readily. Thomas is comfortable in just about any social situation; from a quiet gentelmans' club to a rowdy camp of Afghans or a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery - he has seen it all. He is often able to keep people attentive and interested with anecdotes from his travels.

     Thomas typically carries a revolver when travelling, and uses a Lee-Metford Carbine as well, though this is usually carried by a porter.

Maj. George Chalybeate (Veteran)

MAJOR GEORGE CHALYBEATE is a former Major in the cavalry regiments of the native army of Syrtis Major. Coming from a middle-class family, George enlisted in the Army of Syrtis Major as an opportunity to get away from home and see the solar system. Once there he gained a great respect for most aspects of the Martian People and Culture, and he thinks of Meepsoor as his home more than England.

Chalybeate is a proficient Gashant rider and has won some distinction in a variety of campaigns on Mars, most notably in the Aerian Hills campaign and the Shastapsh expedition. However, he has begun to have romantic notions about the nomadic Hill Martians, whom as a cavalryman he has a great admiration for. The thought that he might find himself fighting them gives him trouble, as he envisions their life as an idealized "noble savage" life.

Chalybeate left the service in the army upon the news that his father, a businessman, had died. Unfortunately, his father had a great many debts which now rest on him and his sisters, so he is searching for the opportunity to make his fortune in a variety of enterprises, but hopefully ones which take advantage of his experience on Mars. He was visiting the site of one of his late father's shortsighted investments (a silver mine in Arizona) when he ran into Dr. Grant and learned of the expedition Dr. Grant was planning.



Str:6 Fisticuffs 5, Throwing 3, Close Combat 3 (slashing)
Agl:2 Stealth 1, Marksman 2 (Pistol)
End:5 Wilderness Travel 4 (steppe), Fieldcraft 1
Int:4 Observation 5
Chr:1 Linguistics 2 (Parhooni, Koline)
Soc:3 Riding 4 (Gashant), Leadership 4

     Motives: Loyal, Adventuresome, Frugal.

     Appearance: Captain George Chalybeate is a tall, muscular man with a claen-shaven face and dark hair. He is modestly attractive, if a bit plain-looking, but has a gruff personal manner that tends to put people off. Chalybeate tends to avoid opening up to people and will generally restrict his coversations to professional and business matters; he finds himself uncomfortable in many social situations and sticks to things he knows about. While not especially charismatic, Chalybeate has inspired a strong degree of loyalty and respect in his men, which he returns fondly.

     Chalybeate typically wears his khaki army uniform and carries a revolver and a cavalry saber.

James Callaghan (Trained)

Born in Louisiana on the eve of the Civil War, JAMES CALLAGHAN grew up amid the chaos and turmoil of the War and its aftermath, which took a grievous toll on the South. James left home at an early age, feeling the call of the West. Without productive skills, James found himself employment as a professional card sharp and found he had a natural talent. Originally limiting himself to bilking prospectors and farmers out of their hard-earned dollars, he began to get a less-than-ideal reputation.

Soon, Callaghan found himself forced to defend himself from accusations of being a cheat and a liar. His quick hands made him as adept with a pistol as with a deck of cards, and James has been the victor of several duels, and has survived several shootouts as well.

The life of the Wild West suited James; the freedom and independence of the region has always given him the room he needed. However, he may have gone too far when signing up with a group of bandits intent on robbing a train. The attempted robbery was a disaster, and wounded and alone James Callaghan left New Mexico and picked his way across Arizona. He was found, wounded and helpless, by Annabelle Somerset, the niece of Cyrus Grant.

Annabelle nursed him back to health, and for a time, James has worked on her spread, in an attempt to "pay her back" for her kindness. Nevertheless, he has begun to get restless, and has gotten into trouble by going into town to gamble. While no blood has yet been spilt, Annabelle recognized that James needed something to set his hands to to keep him out of trouble, and so has suggested that James accompany her uncle on his Lunar Expedition to "help out" and make sure Dr. Grant stays safe. James had never taken all this stuff about space exploration seriously before, and suddenly found himself having the opportunity to become a "true frontiersman". Naturally he accepted this offer.


Str:3 Fisticuffs 2, Throwing 2, Close Combat 1 (Bashing)
Agl:6 Stealth 5, Marksman 3 (Pistol), Crime 4 (Gambling)
End:2 Wilderness Travel 2 (Desert), Fieldcraft 1, Tracking 1
Int:4 Observation 5
Chr:5 Eloquence 5, Bargaining 1, Theatrics 1, Linguistics 1 (Spanish)
Soc:1 Riding 2 (horse)

     Motives: Adventuresome, Spendthrift, Boastful.

     Appearance: A tall, slim man with sandy hair, James Callaghan is a handsome man, and he knows it. Posessing an easy charm and ready wit, James is an inherently likable man and in most social environments finds himself doing most of the talking. He is used to being the center of attention and doesn't mind making up a few stories to keep people interested.

     James is a spendthrift and ladies' man, and is used to having money and spending it freely. He has no long-term goals to speak of, and lives his feckless and carefree life from one moment to the next. However, he is somewhat poorly prepared for life beyond Earth, or even beyond the Western U.S.; while not stupid or illiterate he is hardly educated, and cannot imagine why things should be any different in other parts of the solar system than they are here on Earth.

     James typically wears clothing suitable for travelling in the western US and wears a pair of six-guns on his hips.