Over the course of the years I have played a great deal of Space:1889, and have naturally accumulated a body of material on the game, including a large set of house rules and expansions I have used in my games.

A Referee's Guide to the Solar System
Here you'll find articles and adventure ideas detailing the contents of the solar system, including known worlds, planets that are hidden from normal view, and all the planets and moons of the solar sytem, including objects in the Kuiper belt and beyond. This took me more than a year to complete, so I hope you like it!

Expanded Career Tables
If you are like me you probably feel that the Careers section of the Space:1889 manual could use a little expansion. Well, here you are; a complete list of careers including careers for all varieties of Martians, as well.

New and Old Skills
Expanding the Career section required me to add a few new skills, and reorganize some old ones.

GM'ing tips for Space:1889
As you may have noticed, GM'ing Space:1889 adventures can pose an interesting problem. In addition to the difficulty of selling the genre, most Space:1889 modules are very poorly written. Here are a few tips to make these modules more playable.

Lost Worlds of 1889
Some Legends about Ancient Civilizations in the world of SPACE:1889

Some background and expansion material about the planet Mercury.

An Interlinear Rewrite of ON GOSSAMER WINGS
A rewrite of the adventure which originally appeared in the SPACE:1889 book. This rewrite is made to show how many of the poorer SPACE:1889 adventures can be modified to make them playable.