Drpetrov's Advanced Civilization Page

Welcome, fans of Avalon Hill's Advanced Civilization. Here you'll find a variety of writings dedicated to the game of Advanced Civilization, including rule variants, variant maps, and some general thoughts.


  • Thoughts - A general essay about the game and my reasons for wanting to make changes.
  • Miscellaneous - Some quick miscellaneous alternate rules
  • Disasters Lite - Variant disaster rules to speed up play
Alternate City Rules
  • New City Variants - some rules for balancing the effects of cities
  • Capitals - simulate the development of imperial capitals
Alternate Token Rules
  • Towns - A rules variant for smaller cities
  • Armies - Rules that allow you to attack with more than just farmers
  • Forts - Rules for building fortifications
  • Ships - Rules for ship combat and blockades
Alternate Maps & Map Rules