Ship Combat

New Ship Rules for Advanced Civilization

Players may wish to allow ship to ship combat, since being a naval power conveys quite a bit of aggressive power in the game. Two separate options are available to simulate this.

Option A: Naval Battles
While Ships may pick up tokens at any point during their movement, and drop them off at any point in their movement, the successful landing of tokens is not assured.

When dropping off tokens onto a coastline space, place the tokens on the water portion of the space to denote that they are making an amphibious landing. At the end of the movement phase, if there are no ships in such a space, the landing is successful, and conflict begins normally. Likewise, if the only ships in the space are the same nationality as the landing tokens, the tokens land successfully.

However, if any enemy ships are present, then the tokens may not automatically land.

Firstly, if enemy ships are present, and no friendly ships are present, then the enemy player may decide to prevent the landing; if he does so, any tokens attempting to land are destroyed.

Secondly, if ships of more than one nationality are present in any space on the board, then conflict may take place. If neither player wishes conflict to occur, then all ships remain where they are. However, if either player or both players wish conflict to occur, then conflict occurs before any land combat or landings take place.

Conflict between ships proceeds in the same fashion as conflict between population tokens. Advantage is gained in the following ways:

  • Metalworking: +1
  • Mathematics: +1
  • Engineering: +1
Conflict ends either when no tokens of one side remain or all players decide to end conflict. If when conflict ends, the landing player still has ships in the landing space, then any landing tokens land successfully. If no friendly ships remain in a space, then enemy players have the option to prevent landing, as above.

Conflict between ships may not occur in Open Sea spaces, as no ships may end their turn there, regardless of technology.

Option B: Blockades

With the blockades option, at the start of any movement phase, ship tokens may be turned over by their owner to represent that are blockading.

Any time an enemy player moves a ship into a space where an enemy ship is blockading, then the blockading player has the option to "block" that ship. If he does so, place the blocking ship over top of the blocked ship, crosswise. Each blockading ship may block one enemy ship in this way; if all blockading ships are already blocking, then other ships may pass through the space normally.

No tokens may be landed from a ship that is blocked; however, other passing friendly ships may pick them up off the blocked ship, provided that they:
A: do not violate their restrictions containing the number of tokens that may be carried per ship, and
B: the number of spaces the tokens being carried move by ship may not exceed the number normally allowed for one ship to move (depending on technology of the moving player).

If, when a player's turn arrives, no enemy ships have attempted to run his blockades, he may turn his tokens back over and use them as normal ships.