Welcome to drpetrov's TI3 Fanpage!

Twilight Imperium Third Edition is a truly great game just released this year by Fantasy Flight Games. Reprising the earlier success of the first two editions, TI3 adds some truly innovative game mechanics that keep everyone riveted to the game. TI3 is my vote for best game of 2005 and I hope you will agree. This site is dedicated to the creators of the game and to those who want to explore more of the game.

Any time I discover a good game with a good theme I get the urge to tinker and contribute. So I've written a couple of articles and you can expect more as time goes on.

What's Here

Twilight Imperium is copyright of FFG and this website does not represent a challenge to that copyright. Twilight Imperium logo and material used with permission by FFG. Visit them at: