Playing Tips

Here's a couple of ideas to make your game of Twilight Imperium run more smoothly.

Pass Tokens

It is useful in the game to be able to tell if someone has passed just by looking at their race card. Once people start passing you can just look around the table to see who has the next valid move. This prevents discussions of who passed and who didn't, and makes a record of it instead of doing it via memory. It speeds things up.

Since we don't play with the leaders option we used the leader tokens as "pass" tokens. When someone would pass, they would take a leader token and play it on top of their already inactive strategy card. Once that is done other players can simply look around the table to see who has the next eligible move. If you don't want to use the leader tokens you could make little slips of paper or card with the word "PASS" written on them in big letters, so other players across the table can clearly see that you have passed.

Fighter & Groundforce Tokens

The game does not come with nearly enough fighter tokens and players generally need to start using other pieces to represent fighter tokens by turn 3 or 4. The best way to handle this is to use another type of piece to represent a unit of 5 fighters - be it a poker chip, a quarter, or even a distant suns counter if you are not using that rule (and I understand that few people do). Whatever you use should be larger than the regular fighter tokens so that people looking at your stack of units can see that the 5 token is different from the 1 token.

I have played games where ground force tokens also ran out (once they ran out faster than fighters!). Similar rules could apply for them.

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