Dr. Petrov's Games Page

Over the years I have written a great deal of material for a variety of games. Here is a collection of some of the writings I have done for the following games:



Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition is a new game by FFG, in which players fight to rebuild the Galactic Empire and to see who will be in charge once it is restored. TI3 incorporates some great game mechanics that guarantee that players will be kept involved and entertained all throughout.



Advanced Civilization by Avalon Hill is an excellent game with an elegant system and sweeping scope. Players control a great society and must bring it from the stone age to the iron age. This boardgame was the inspiration for Sid Meier's Civilization and remains a favourite of serious gamers all over the world.



Classic Traveller, originally published by GDW and now owned by Far Future Enterprises, remains the best hard science fiction RPG universe today. Most of the articles here consist of High Guard material as well as details on the Trojan Reach sector.