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Dray Prescot is an ordinary earthman, born in 1775, raised in the harsh and brutal conditions of the Royal Navy. Shipwrecked on the shores of Africa, caught up by tribesmen and pursued by headhunters, Dray finds himself inexplicably catapulted to the wild fantasy world of Kregen under the suns of Antares. There Dray finds adventure after dizzying adventure, as he struggles to come to grips with his new world. Dray Prescot's battle standard, 'Old Superb'
Alan Burt Akers, the correspondent of Dray Prescot, is a pseudonym used by science fiction author Kenneth Bulmer. Ken has been described as "Britain's hardest-working science fiction author" and has enjoyed a fifty year professional writing career, and has written well over 150 books. The Dray Prescot series began in 1972 and extended to 52 volumes, continuing to be in print in multiple languages up to 25 years later.
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