This might make a good flag for the Kroveres...

The Jikhorkdun

A Jikhorkdun is essentially a Kregish gladiatorial arena, popular in Havilfar. Gladatorial games take place there year round, and certain places like Huringa and Ruathytu are famed for their great Jikhorkduns.

Well, battles to the death aren't likely to take place here, but this page is dedicated to Kregish entertainment and games. In short, Fun.

Most of what's here is game rules, particularily the game of Jikaida, which was detailed in one of the Dray Prescot books.


All right, so there's not a lot here at the moment. Nevertheless, this page could easily fill up with the following game rules (of course I'd have to invent them...):


An important link for the Jikaida player is, which is a homepage for a software program able to simulate a great variety of abstract games. As it happens, I believe that this system (with some work) can be used for a game of Jikaida, and it even has a feature which allows netplay.