This might be a personal flag for the Emperor of Vallia, or perhaps Pur Zenkiren.

The Merezo

A Merezo on Kregen is basically a racetrack, where zorcas and other saddle animals race. In more enlightened regions, it often foms the central form of entertainment rather than a Jikhorkdun, the bloody gladiatorial arenas popular in Havilfar.

Well, no actual racing takes place on this page. Instead, it is dedicated to stories of Kregen, written both by Ken Bulmer and by his fans. In many ways, this is like a race against time, since we all hope that fan fiction can be written while Ken is still alive.

The Chief area of concern for Kregen Fan Fiction is one of copyright. Should the Bulmer family decide that this sort of thing cannot be published I will remove this page immediately. Nevertheless, in the hopes of further developing the growing Dray Prescot e-community, I have posted a variety of links here for Kregen Fiction.