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The blog has been somewhat neglected this year. You’ll soon find out why – I have just been super busy with other projects but it does make me sad that the blog has gotten ignored because this is what started it all and it has always felt like my journal. This even felt weird to sit down and write a blog post because it has been a while. We took these pictures yesterday to show you guys our home office. I love this space sooo much I felt like I had to share all of the photos on here too. I got the bulk of the office pieces but even with 90% of it done I felt like there was just this unfinished feel like I needed something on the walls. I reached out to Jenny Komenda, a local interior designer and businesswoman to see if she would want to collab! Jenny has an amazing print shop, Juniper Print Shop, with so many beautiful prints and I felt like they would make a perfect gallery wall in my office! But I cannot create a gallery wall to SAVE MY LIFE. I picked out a bunch of prints I loved and she worked her magic. And you guys… I could have never in a million years made my office feel the way it does now. I can’t even explain it.. she just had this magical touch and added a few vases here and there, a couple pillows, and that incredible gallery wall and boom just instantly the room felt complete and SO inspiring. I am not kidding when I say I look for excuses to walk in there and I sometimes just go look in there because it makes me so happy. I love it soooooo much.

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