12 Great Gifts For The Season And Beyond

This holiday season, Bejewedmag.com brings back its 12 Gifts For The Holidays which feature pieces from independent and emerging designers. This year’s gifts range from must-have items that have made a strong comeback such as lariat necklaces and hoop earrings to symbolic and sentimental pieces that take on different significance depending on the wearer. Here we […]

The jewellery catwalk trends SS16

A romantic mood took over SS16, reviving some of fashion’s most timeless jewellery trends, including tiaras, chandelier earrings and chains. Headbands Headbands featured strongly on the catwalk and came in all shapes and styles. Diamante tiaras at Saint Laurent, preppy metallic bands at Chanel and flower covered headphones at Dolce and Gabbana. Worn over loose […]

New year, new jewels

2015 was the year jewellery lovers went piercing mad, sparking a whole new vocabulary of ear cuffs, climbers and jackets as we searched for new treasures with which to curate our “ear compilations”. Midi rings and signet rings rocketed in popularity, not just among the landed gentry, and jewellery took a distinctly Seventies turn, with […]

Make your mark with the modern signet ring

Once reserved solely for the landed gentry – the latest wave of signets celebrate unique design and personal style rather than power and family heritage. The word signet comes from the Latin word “signum” meaning “sign” and these rings were first used by ancient religious leaders and the Pharaohs to mark documents when pressed onto […]

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